Syrenity House Empowered

Syrenity House Empowered

      "Providing a Second Chance at Life and Family"

Providing a Fresh Start for Women

Syrenity House Empowered in Charlotte, North Carolina is a program supporting women with or without children  by providing  housing referrals and basic necessities, who are seeking independence and self-sufficiency.

 Assisting women with re-entry into the communities by connecting them with various local agencies for support. Our organization assists women in reuniting with their children and giving them the tools that they need to be successful in life. Everything we offer is provided by our community through donations.

Mission Statement

Serenity is defined as “shining bright and unobscured without suggestion of agitation, trouble, and fitful activities.” This defines our goal, purpose, direction, objective, and reason for being.

We subscribe to the age-proven belief shared throughout all of creation that the most paramount bond and relationship is between a mother and her child. There is not a nobler or more honorable endeavor after being broken, battered, and decimated by a myriad of situations, circumstances, and moments of catastrophic decision-making than the restoration of this sacred bond of mother and child.


Syrentiy House Empowered Founder Sharnella McCrae, a Non-Profit located in Charlotte, NC. Sharnella has worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. Sharnella graduated from Western New Mexico with a master's in Social Work, Certified Triple P Parent Instructor, First Aid Mental Health ,and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate. Sharnella has a beautiful daughter Za'Heriyah.

Sharnella' s passion to work with women with substance abuse addiction, birthed from her own life experience as a child with a mother with an addiction. Sharnella knows the difficulties  first hand that women and their children experience during this traumatic time in their life. Sharnella's life and work experience has given her the expertise to provide the support the women need to be self sufficient entering back  into the communities.